PTFE Compression Molding

Although we work with many materials at Precision Fluorocarbon Inc., one of our specialties is polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). PTFE is a high molecular weight, fluorocarbon solid compound consisting wholly of fluorine and carbon. It has a remarkably low coefficient of friction, exceptional chemical resistance, exceptional dielectric properties and good wear resistance. For these reasons, we offer PTFE molding as one of our products.

PTFE is molded from a powdered resin in a closed die set at ambient temperature by applying high pressure to create a preform shape. The preform is removed from the molding die and free sintered (heated) in programmable ovens to fuse the molecules into a solid form.

Explore More Possibilities With Fillers

PTFE material can be further enhanced by blending the resin with other materials, creating unique compounds that exhibit better physical properties. Certain fillers and combinations of fillers can enhance the wear, friction, compressive strength, conductivity, and creep resistance of PTFE. We specialize in using a virtually limitless range of fillers in our blended plastic compounds such as:
PTFE Molding Color Powder

  • Bronze
  • Carbon (Fiber or Powder)
  • Colorant (For visual identification)
  • Glass (Fiber or Bead)
  • Graphite
  • Molybdenum Disulfide
  • Polyimide
  • Ryton

PFI has other standard fillers available, and offers custom blended materials upon request.

Contact us to learn how we can make PTFE work for you. We work hard to ensure you get exactly the material you want.