PTFE Diaphragms

PTFE Thermal Forming of plasitcs

Among the many custom plastic parts that have been produced at Precision Fluorocarbon Inc., one component that has been extremely successful is our custom PTFE diaphragm. We’ve done much to improve both quality and functionality.

The PTFE diaphragm molding process begins with blanks being machined from compression molded Virgin PTFE rod. The blanks are then thermally formed in matched die sets and trimmed to your specifications and tolerances. The processes that we employ dramatically improve the flexibility and flex life of the PTFE Diaphragm. Diaphragm material choices include Virgin PTFE and Modified PTFE. We’ve manufactured diaphragms from 1" OD up to 16" OD.

Who We Serve

Since 1989, we’ve been supplying high-quality PTFE diaphragms and custom plastic components to the air-operated double diaphragm pump industry. Units designed and produced by us consistently outperform competitors' units in durability tests every time. In fact, they meet and surpass the 12 million flexural cycle test again and again.

Additionally, our company produces diaphragms for WEIR valves that are used in pharmaceutical, laboratory, and chemical valve applications. These valve diaphragms include an integral stainless steel shaft that is encased by the PTFE or Copolymer PTFE diaphragm.

We’re Always Looking to Be Better

While our PTFE diaphragm material meets our customers' standards and specifications for reliability and dependability, we’re still routinely researching and engineering new innovations to further improve quality. We want to be the best there is for our customers, because we believe they deserve it.

We can easily create a diaphragm for whatever you need. Contact us to find out how.